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Underbara ADHD


Meet: Georgios Karpathakis Founder

As a thought leader on ADHD, he has been a frequent face on television, hosted his own programme on Swedish radio “Sommar i P1”, released the book “Underbara ADHD” and been a keynote speaker on the subject for years.

Georgios Karpathakis Jaenson knows what he is talking about. Now he wants to go from words to action, building the leading digital platform for ADHD.

How are things?

I’m great now! But it’s been a long time coming. I didn’t’ get diagnosed with ADHD until I was 25. Before that, I was struggling with personal issues, school, the law and several suicide attempts. For me, the difference between being undiagnosed and diagnosed was like night and day. Ever since, I’ve dedicated myself to help others in similar circumstances.

In general, how big an issue is ADHD?

An estimated 500.000 Swedes* live with ADHD today. Together with partners, friends and colleagues, that number rises considerably. And Sweden is not much different from the rest of the world.

"Something’s sick all right, but it’s not those living with ADHD"

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And what are the consequences?

Many with ADHD live a life of isolation and low self-esteem from early on. The group is also over-represented when it comes to school absence, people leaving school without qualifications, substance abuse, crime and suicide among young people. There are huge social costs connected with this, but for some people it’s a matter of life and death. Something’s sick all right, but it’s not those living with ADHD.

What’s the problem?

The right tools and help are out there, but not enough resources to access it in time – from public to private.

What can be done?

Everyone should have access to the right help at the right time to support every individual need on an everyday basis. No one living with ADHD should ever feel helpless.

And what’s the solution?

The conversation right now is very black or white. That is, mental health vs mental illness, disability vs ability and public vs private health care. Together we can do better. Health tech is a world of change. I believe in a stronger Mental Co-Health™ and the next step here is a leading digital platform for all things ADHD.

* ADHD prevalence in children aged 18 and under is estimated to 5 – 7 percent, whilst the prevalence of adult ADHD is estimated to 2 – 4 percent.


The Go To-Guide for ADHD is under way. Together we aim to make the most of it. For more information on ADHD, please visit

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Underbara ADHD contributes to goal no 3.

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