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Everyday matters™


You have a lot of ambition. You also have a lot on your plate and everything is important. But what is crucial? That depends of course. The next big thing is always around the corner, and it’s easy to become speed blind. We help you ask the difficult questions, connect dots, break silos, build bridges and create synergies, goosebumps and aha-moments to get the right things done. It’s all connected to a proven method where we build for tomorrow but have a joint starting point in the here and now.

We don’t start from scratch: you’ve got history, many things in place and a company DNA. But we add an overall dimension that gets everything and everyone pull in the same direction for a greater value – to work for, to buy from and to partner with.


B O N N I E R  N E W S : Empowering the free speech
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B R I G H T E C O : 100% Future Proof | Light as a Service



B L ! X T : Empowering the Electric Evolution.


E V E R Y D A Y   P H I L O S O P H Y


No, we don’t need more stuff in the world. But many things can of course get better. Companies of the future don’t just create more products and services, but actively contribute to the society we all share along the way. The alternative is simply not sustainable – in any way. And it makes total business sense. On average, ESG companies have performed much better than Index S&P 500 over the last few years.


Startup, scaleup or big business – a top-class product with great usability is a hygiene-factor for success today, regardless of business or market. But your X Factor is greater than that. In a highly competitive world with similar products, people don’t just buy what you’re selling, but why you do what you do. And you have everything to gain as a conscious choice in a greater context – whether it is about increasing sales, keep colleagues, attract new talent, or lead the market with integrity.


Market leader, challenger, disruptor, entrepreneur, intrapreneur or team – we help people and organizations driven by why they do what they do find their way forward. We call it business driven storytelling: an active, living story where everything and everyone contributes to a joint cause in different ways. This story is not just about words, but how to walk the talk in everything you do – from business, product and service development to innovation, organization and communication.


We don’t start from scratch: you’ve got history, many things in place and a company DNA. But we add an overall dimension that gets everything and everyone pull in the same direction for a greater value – to work for, buy from and partner with.





Your everyday ADHD coach is here. Digital platform to make everyday life easier for anyone and everyone living with, or in close relation to, ADHD. Here, MENT coordinates, guides and enables the right support at the right time for each individual. In collaboration with KIND (Karolinska Institute). First version to be released at the end of 2022.

Action for Society

Together for safer citizens of the world. Tech startup for an inclusive, safe and socially sustainable society. There are many significant efforts for greater safety on a local, national and global level taking place today. Action For Society is on a quest to make everything add up – in one joint platform for all. Here, we gather a variety of data from different perspectives, create real-time insights and explore predictive patterns going forward through AI.

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Disrupting the art of giving. Someone needs an energy boost, a little extra appreciation or perhaps a congrats on job well done? There’s always time for an UpUp! Pick from smaller or bigger gifts and build emotional loyalty with customers, colleagues, and partners with the mobile highlight of the day.

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E V E R Y D A Y   B U S I N E S S   S E R V I C E S

1. Goosebump insights and aha-moments 1:1

Workshop with us for a few hours to get unstuck, connect the dots, build bridges, break silos, and perhaps blow some minds.

Comes with a high-level insights overview and action points. Use it as a valuable starting point to move forward with more clarity, with or without us. No strings attached.

No strings attached.


→ Let’s get down to business! Contact us.

2. Premium Project Deliveries

Defined projects or projects needing defined? Whether you need a new look and feel, crank up your tone of voice or energize your homepage – we always put our work in context. So others can shine at theirs. In this way, we don’t just do things right. We also help make sure it’s the right thing to do, together with you.


• Strategic and communicative platforms • Creative concepts • Brand design • Service design • Product development • Art direction • Copy • User Journeys • Organizational implementation • Special Ops


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3. Total Business Acceleration

Yup, it’s the big one. But if you want to get everyone aligned and onboard with full force, it’s so worth it.

Our Business Acceleration Model™ not only creates a clear, long-term platform for the entire company. It also accelerates real value creation from words to action across the board. In general, it gets more people involved from the start. In sprints over 6-8 weeks, we lead several workshops with different stakeholders. In between, we do all the heavy lifting: identifying, summarizing and strategizing key findings after each sprint to go from words to action with a greater purpose.


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Founder, entrepreneur, business leader – let’s see where you’re at, where you’re going and how the power of ‘Why’ can help get everything and everyone pull in the same direction for a greater value going forward.

Book your free digital 1:1 coaching session by sending us an email at

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There are no short cuts to success. You have to put the effort in. Always. Finish your job so that someone else can shine at theirs. And go that extra mile. But don’t be stupid. Listen to yourself and always keep your eye on the big picture. Ask. Reflect. Share. Work smart. Together. So that you can work your magic. Everyday.

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This is how it works: Don’t work with douche bags. Don’t hurt others. Don’t kill the planet. And don’t kill your soul. But do kill your darlings. And love your enemies. Get inspired. Then come back and do it even better. Step out of your comfort zone. Grow. Say yes more often than no. But always dare to say no when things just don’t feel right. If unsure, ask someone you trust. Sometimes, ”I don’t know” is the bravest thing to say in the room. Trust your instinct. Be that round peg in the square hole. Stay hungry. Everyday.

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Be honest. Don’t cheat. Be cool and people will be fair with you. Be kind to yourself; open and transparent with others. Represent. And always be yourself. That’s why you are here.

Instant karma’s gonna get you. Everyday.

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Enjoy yourself. You know what to do. Everyday.