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100 % Future Proof

Meet: Joel Smedberg CEO & Founder

With Light as a Service, Swedish company Brighteco enable us to see things differently. Literally and figuratively speaking.

The big shift towards a world that is 100% future proof is here.

CEO and Founder Joel Smedberg tells it like it is in the Enlightenment business.

What’s the story, Joel?

There’s been a lot of talk about sustainability for a while now. That’s good, but it’s about time we go from words to action. We begin with Light as a Service.

Light as a Service – what does that mean?

You invest in function rather than product. You can always adjust the lights to fit your purpose, at no extra cost, without affecting the environment or having to buy new hardware if requirements change over time. You simply subscribe to Light as a Service and pay per sqm usage.

"We are in the Enlightenment business"

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What’s the big deal?

Natural resources are limited and there’s a shift towards a circular economy. That is, eliminating waste and maximizing the use, or re-use rather, of already available hardware. Flexible and always upgradable products is one part of a greater sustainability, but it is also about production. All our light fixtures are made from the recycling of old flat screens, for example. This combination of sustainable products and production sets a completely new standard: 100% Future Proof.

And where do you make the biggest difference right now?

Our customers today are municipalities, schools and large real estate companies in Sweden. According to EU directions from 2017, older fluorescent lights are to be phased out and public purchasers are forced to look at more efficient alternatives. As an example, 60% of Swedish classrooms today have outdated lighting. But this is also a complex world with limited resources. We want to make it easier to understand, buy and invest in sustainability in a variety of ways. That puts us in charge of the Enlightenment business – with better lighting in particular, and a guiding light in general.

And how is the business of Enlightenment going?

We’re only in the beginning, but we have our first 10-year contract with Bollnäs Kommun (municipality). They were the first public purchaser in Sweden, focusing on the aspects of light and sustainability at a larger scale. Here, installation in classrooms is ongoing. This has also generated a lot of attention, and we are now getting ready for the next level.

And what is the endgame?

A fully integrated circular economy! We want to accelerate the shift towards a world that is 100% future proof – not only through products and production, but also services, installation and organization. Nothing is ever 100% simple, and we’re not 100% there. But we’re working on it.


The shift towards a world that is 100% future proof is ongoing. Together with Brighteco, we aim to make the most of it. For updates along the way, stay tuned!

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Brighteco contributes to goal no 7.

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