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Meet: Kristin Nenzén, Everyday Partner Manager

The Non-Violence Project Foundation, the anti-bullying organisation GoSpeakUP, PFO Tech and A Million Minds all work for a greater safety worldwide in different ways. The next step they take together – with a global safety initiative for all. Awarded a 2 MSEK grant from the Swedish innovation authority Vinnova in spring 2020, partner manager Kristin Nenzén takes Action For Society. 

Congratulations to the Vinnova grant! What’s the money earmarked for?

Thanks, it is a great start! We’re developing the Action For Society Beta app and Insights Portal. It’s a Civic Tech project, using technology to strengthen the trust between private citizens and the public sector. In our case, it’s about increased personal safety. We’re doing a pilot in Hökarängen in Stockholm, in collaboration with the non-profit association Hökarängens Stadsdelsråd. But it’s all part of a bigger picture.

"Person by person, area by area and city by city. "

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Why is that?

Nearly half the Swedish population (47%) worry about crimes in society and 30% feel unsafe when going out late at night. (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention Safety study 2020) Many are concerned but there is also a great will and force in society, among both young people and adults, to act to increase safety. According to a Novus survey 2020, 6 out of 10 are interested in using a safety app.

And how do you make a difference?

First and foremost, this is an initiative for preventive safety. We light the way for each other by showing where we stand. Literally, as an anonymous mark on a joint map, but also in the way of actually making a stand. Together we put safety on the map in different ways.

Personal safety powered by people?

Exactly. This service is free for all citizens and also includes a function to report incidents or make suggestions to increase safety in an area. It all goes into a safety Insights Portal, where schools, employers and other authorities can see statistics, take action and plan greater preventative measures. There’s also a Premium version for schools, businesses and authorities with evidence-based educational programs. Technology alone is not the answer, but it can be a great enabler in bringing people and society together. That’s what Action For Society is built on.

Action For Society is built on collaboration?

Yes, it’s a joint initiative based on shared experience. The Non-Violence Project Foundation has had a worldwide impact for over 25 years and Go SpeakUP has achieved great results with a focus on digitally reporting bullying in schools. PFO Tech is the company behind the technology for the world’s first assault alarm for civil rights defenders – The Natalia Project – and the personal safety app SaferZones™. A Million Minds is an independent think tank that unleashes the potential that exists in the suburbs of the million programs. The next step we take together – with a global safety initiative for everyone, everywhere. But we begin at home, in Hökarängen, Sweden.


Together we take Action For Society. The app will be available to download soon. Until then, stay safe and check out

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Action For Society contributes to goal no 16.

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