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"Purpose driven screening. For purpose driven ventures."


From our Brand Detective Model™ → To a Greater Value

Today, a top-class product with great usability is a hygiene-factor for success, regardless of business or market. But in a highly competitive world with a lot of similar products, people don’t just buy what you’re selling, but why you do what you do. So, what is your higher purpose and reason for being? Here, we add unique experience and an important strategic piece of the puzzle to any growing company. Our unique Brand Detective Model™ not only creates a clear, long-term platform for the entire company, but also provides an excellent screening for a greater context – our partner fund, Early Stage Stockholm.

The Early Stage Stockholm fund.

Early Stage Sthlm (ESS) is a new, purpose driven venture capital fund, specializing in financing disruptive companies across the Nordic region. ESS is passionate about helping deserving entrepreneurs and healing the gap between large angel investors and institutional A & B-round investors often referred to as the “Valley of Death”. Everyday is the gateway to that – identifying, screening and qualifying early stage companies for the fund, through our particular brand due diligence process. This adds real value to companies from the start and accelerates the time it takes to execute on it.

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There are no short cuts to success. You have to put the effort in. Always. Finish your job so that someone else can shine at theirs. And go that extra mile. But don’t be stupid. Listen to yourself and always keep your eye on the big picture. Ask. Reflect. Share. Work smart. Together. So that you can work your magic. Everyday.

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This is how it works: Don’t work with douche bags. Don’t hurt others. Don’t kill the planet. And don’t kill your soul. But do kill your darlings. And love your enemies. Get inspired. Then come back and do it even better. Step out of your comfort zone. Grow. Say yes more often than no. But always dare to say no when things just don’t feel right. If unsure, ask someone you trust. Sometimes, ”I don’t know” is the bravest thing to say in the room. Trust your instinct. Be that round peg in the square hole. Stay hungry. Everyday.

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Be honest. Don’t cheat. Be cool and people will be fair with you. Be kind to yourself; open and transparent with others. Represent. And always be yourself. That’s why you are here.

Instant karma’s gonna get you. Everyday.

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Enjoy yourself. You know what to do. Everyday.